Summer Grilling

Who says vegetarians can’t use the grill?

Alexa is clearly the grill master in the relationship! haha

I will be continually updating this page, as I grill more food throughout the summer. All of my recipes serve 2!


Grilled Mushroom and Zucchini Skewers

There isn’t much to this recipe! We wanted to use our zucchini from our vegetable share and thought skewers would be an easy way to do this. I have to say – we should have cut the zucchini in half because the trick to this is getting everything on the skewer to cook evenly.

Ingredients: Whatever vegetables you have. We used Baby Bella Mushrooms, Zucchini, and tomato. We did a quick marinade on our mushrooms using 1/4 cup of soy sauce,1/2 juice from a lemon, and a clove of diced garlic. Brush the other vegetables with a little olive oil and seasoning of your choice – we used Italian seasoning. Grill evenly on both sides for about 3-5 minutes each.

Nothing beats a less then 20 minute recipe!

Skewers and Amy’s Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers with Grilled Onions, perfect for the fourth!



Grilled Mexican Corn

What you need:

Local Corn (Its a MUST- Sweeter, tastier, and so worth it. I found some at our local store – Common Bond in Shelton, CT for .69/IB! IMG_2526


Earth Balance


Vegan Mayo


Juice from half a lemon


salt + pepper

What to Do:

  1. Take your corn, and give it a healthy rub of Earth balance, coating all around the corn. For better grilling results you can omit the tinfoil, and grill directly on the grates.
  2. Wrap in tinfoil and make sure to poke about ten holes in it, or place corn directly on the grill. Turn to cook evenly about every 2-3 minutes. Once evenly cooked, close grill top and let cook for 2 more minutes to get the corn nice and charred!
  3. Mix your ketchup and vegan mayo together to make your crack sauce. I use about four spoonful’s of mayo and two to three spoonful’s of ketchup, and then add the juice of the lemon to this sauce.  Do it to your taste!
  4. After the corn is grilled, immediately coat the corn with a generous amount of crack sauce.
  5. Add your paprika, salt, and pepper. Keep in mind earth balance is salty- so be careful how much you add.
  6. Finally add your chopped cilantro to the top of the corn and enjoy! An easy salty side to add to your easy grilled lunch or dinner.


Grilled Mushroom Portabella Cap Burgers

Recently, I tried Morning Star “Grillers Prime” brand of veggie burgers. I was on the fence after reading a few mediocre reviews, as well as the soy content of the burger being on the higher side. I have to say though – this is the best veggie burger I’ve had in awhile!

The burger gets crispy on the outside, and tastes like a real burger. I like to add pickles, lettuce, tomato, and “special sauce” (Mayo/Ketchup/Franks Hot Sauce mixed to taste) and eat it on a whole wheat burger bun.

Sometimes I jazz up the burger by adding grilled pineapple, or mushrooms.

The trick to using the grill without cross contamination is to either buy your own, or put tinfoil in between your food item, and the existing grill. I poke tiny holes in my tin foil in order to achieve some char, and grill marks.

The veggie burger grills quick, and tastes better then nuking it in the microwave or pan frying it!

Another thing that my partner and I love to grill is Portabella Mushroom Caps. This is a little bit harder of a recipe as we pre-marinate the mushroom cap. You can eat it as is, stuff it with something good, or eat it as your burger. Meaty, delicious, and healthy!

To marinate the mushrooms, we usually keep it pretty simple.

1-2 cloves of chopped garlic

1 cup of balsamicIMG_1691

1/2 Lemon – Squeezed into marinade

pinch of salt and pepper

herbs – we use what we have. Usually rosemary and thyme.

Let mushrooms marinate for 25 minutes + (The longer you marinate the better it tastes)

**Pro-Tip** Don’t wash your mushrooms – wipe them with a damp paper towel, washing them makes it harder for them to absorb flavor.


Finished! Grilled Portabella Cap Burger, with cheese, spinach and slaw! NOM.

You can grill so many things! I personally love the depth of flavor the grill gives veggies, and it’s nice to be outside with a cold beer or nice glass of wine, enjoying the sunshine while you cook.





Grilled Vegetables

Because who likes to slave away at the stove top or wait for the stove on a hot, sunny day? The grill is fast, and tasty!


Simply add salt, pepper, lemon and cheese! So yum.


I like spicing up cauliflower since it’s pretty bland. My partner and I use Creole Seasoning as a staple in our kitchen – we use this, along with ground black pepper, and toss the cauliflower in a little Franks Hot Sauce.